How the New iPad compares to iPad 2

New ipad

The details about the New iPad have been released and consumers are now wondering whether they should splurge on this brand new device when it is released, or if they should save their money and stick with the iPad 2 previous generation. To help you to make this decision, you first need to understand the difference between the two devices and what they have to offer. Though the tablet market is growing and there are an increasing number of devices always becoming available, Apple has always stood out as unique,…

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Apple to pursue NFC technology as mobile commerce gains momentum amongst consumers

Apple mobile payments

Last week, Apple reported its fiscal first-quarter results of 2012, which showed that the quarterly revenue of the company had reached an all-time high of $46 billion. During the report, Apple CEO Tim Cook stated that this momentum would carry over to innovative projects the company had planned for the future. One of these projects is likely to involve mobile commerce as Apple looks to finally adopt NFC technology. The technology will likely be a feature with the next iPhone, which is expected to come out in late 2012. Apple…

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Study shows latest iPhone doubles the consumption of data

iphone 4S

According to a recent study, the latest Apple mobile phone release, the iPhone 4S, consumes an average of two times more data than the previous generation of the device, and even more than the iPad tablets, as a result of the growing use of its online services such as Siri, the virtual personal assistant. This latest device has been in users’ hands since October 2011, and the small improvements that were made to it over its previous version brought disappointment to many reviewers and analysts, but this didn’t stop the…

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With the start of 2012, speculations for new iPads begin

ipad News

As the new year begins, rumors are already surfacing about when Apple might plan to introduce its next version of the iPad – possibly the iPad 3 – and what features it may include. Apple is always surrounded by speculations about its upcoming products, and when it reaches the point that a new release may be imminent, the predictions begin forming at a furious rate, based on even the tiniest pieces of information. Though much of it is typically just talk, there are always a few points that can bring…

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Apple may become the top vendor of PCs in the world with iPad

Mobile Commerce Industry

Canalys research has suggested that with iPad 3, Apple will probably take Hewlett-Packard’s spot as the top manufacturer of PCs before the end of the second quarter in 2012. Apple currently holds the second spot as a PC vendor worldwide and has experienced a leap in its market share from 9 percent to 15 percent in only a year’s time. This jump is credited greatly to a significant demand for its iPad tablet product, which is considered to be a computer by Canalys. Equally, though, iPad shipments in the United…

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