Bodymetrics announces augmented reality fitting room for Consumer Electronics Show

Augmented Reality Video3

Augmented reality is likely to be a big hit at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, Nevada. Several companies have already announced how they will be showing off the technology at the event. Many are attempting to bring more practicality to the technology, which has been used extensively as a gimmick for marketing campaigns. Bodymetrics, makers of body-mapping technologies, has announced that it too will be showing off its new augmented reality project at the conference. The company has teamed with PrimeSense, an Israeli technology company, to make…

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Augmented reality lens from Microsoft and the University of Washington in the final stages of development

Augmented Reality contact lens

Microsoft and the University of Washington are in the final stages of development for a new augmented reality project that may change the way people see the world. Early last year, the duo announced that they were working on an augmented reality contact lens. The lens could be used to enhance human vision like normal contact lenses, but it could also augment a person’s vision with digital information. Microsoft claims that the project will show just how practical augmented reality really is. Augmented reality is commonly used in the marketing…

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New augmented reality platform seeks to bring new life to the world of board games

Augmented Reality Board Game

A new augmented reality project seeks to bring new life to board games through the use of technology. In bygone years, board games and other strategy-based games were a reliable form of entertainment. As technology grew to encompass the whole of society, people turned to more convenient forms of entertainment such as online games and surfing the Internet. While technology struck a grievous blow to the world of turn-based games, it may also be the one thing that can bring the industry back from the brink of obsolescence. OggBoard, a…

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