QR codes disappoint Westland Peppers in the Netherlands

qr codes on fruit produce

The low response that they achieved from their barcode campaign for consumers let them down. Fresh produce companies have been rapidly implementing campaigns where they use QR codes on their marketing and directly on their product packages and stickers, to encourage consumers to learn more about where their food comes from, how it can be used, stored, and prepared, and why it is a part of a nutritious diet. However, while other companies have enjoyed positive results, Westland Peppers does not consider themselves among them. The company, located in Holland…

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QR codes embroidering machine created in the Netherlands

QR codes clothing labels

An embroidery device has made it possible to produce the QR codes in the form of cloth. As QR codes become increasingly popular, companies around the world are coming up with new and unique ways to work them into locations in which they will be scanned by the smartphone carrying public. This now includes an invention that can produce these barcodes to be included in many possible places. LogoBorduurstudio, a company based in Barneveld, The Netherlands, has made it possible to use an embroidery machine that is controlled by a…

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Sweden to adopt QR coded banknotes

QR codes on money

World’s first banknotes to feature QR codes Last year, the Royal Dutch Mint, the Netherlands’ issuer of coins, introduced the world to QR coded coins. These coins featured small QR codes that could be scanned by a smart phone or other mobile device. When scanned, the codes would direct people to a mobile website where they could find information on the Royal Dutch Mint and what went into making the coins. Though this was the world’s first glimpse at QR code currency, it would not be the last. Now, the…

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