NFC technology undergoes changes with Samsung TecTiles 2 unveiling

Mobile Payments NFC Technology

This new design is meant to replace the original tag that had previously been used. Samsung has just announced the unveiling of a newly updated version of its NFC technology which is fully compatible with its Galaxy 4S device. This will be a full replacement for the original TecTile tag that had previously been compatible with its smartphones. The original TecTile tag was designed to add NFC technology options to capable smartphones in order to boost functionality through the programming of certain commands into the connection between the tag and…

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NFC technology introduced new security vulnerabilities

nfc technology Mobile Security

NFC technology may not be as secure as believed For the past few years, NFC technology has served as a foundation for mobile commerce. The technology enabled mobile devices to share digital information without having to be connected to one another with a cable. The technology also allows smartphones and tablets to send information to NFC-enabled terminals, which are often used to facilitate mobile payments. Mobile commerce has relied heavily on NFC technology over the years, but mobile commerce has begun to move away from NFC due to its threats…

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NFC technology enabled devices will reach 500 million next year

NFC technology Phones Delivery Notice

Half a billion devices will be equipped with these chips by the year 2014. The number of NFC technology enabled devices that will allow smartphones and tablets to transmit data such as credit card and other payments information will break the 500 million mark by the end of 2014, says a recent report. The latest study from ABI Research has shown that the number of these devices is growing fast. The ABI Research report has indicated that even by the end of this year, there will have been 285 million…

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NFC technology will soon make payments possible from tablets

NFC Technology mobile payments

Lenovo has announced that it intends to enable notebooks and tablets with near field communication chips. NFC technology based mobile payments have only just started to get moving as a number of large players in that ecosystem have launched the pilots to their programs, however, the latest news from Lenovo is that this environment will soon be broadening as new devices become enabled. The device manufacturer intends to add near field communications to tablets, notebooks, and laptops. For example, Lenovo has announced that its ThinkPad tablets will soon have an…

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Mobile commerce and NFC technology gaining momentum

NFC technology mobile commerce

NFC technology may not be as unpopular for mobile commerce as critics suggest Mobile commerce may be all the rage in the retail industry, but NFC technology has been losing traction with both consumers and businesses, at least that is what the critics claim. NFC technology has become the cornerstone of most of the world’s mobile commerce initiatives, but many have begun to argue the overall security of the technology and how easily it can be exploited by hackers. The technology has, however, been growing in popularity among consumers, despite…

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NFC technology patent could be used by Sony to block used game sales

Sony wearable tech NFC technology

The video game company may use the chips to inhibit the resale of used PS4 discs. Whether it’s a sign of the times or it is just a sign of the penny pinching that has become a trend in the video game industry, Sony has just received a new NFC technology patent that would allow it to keep its PlayStation 4 games from being resold as used discs. Though the use of this ID technique is only speculation, the facts are strongly leaning in that direction. Many gamers wait for…

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NFC technology enabled print ad run for first time in Canada

NFC Technology Canada

A Canadian advertisement enabled with near field communication has been printed by the country’s providers. The very first ad featuring NFC technology has now been run in Canada in an effort to help boost the use of mobile payments within the country through the expansion of the awareness of the way that it can be used and the devices that are compatible with this format. The ads were run by a number of providers in the country in combination with Crosscliq. Crosscliq was hired by Rogers Communications, a wireless provider,…

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NFC technology steps taken by Apple, again, with Passbook patent

Apple NFC Technology Trends mobile payments

The mobile device manufacturer is making moves that indicate that near field communication is coming. Though Apple shocked many with the release of an NFC technology free version of its iPhone 5, it has been making regular moves toward the adoption of the technique through acquisitions, and now a recent patent application. The approach that Apple has shown toward near field communication, so far, has been comparatively slow. This has not only left the NFC technology world feeling uncertain about its future and has delayed its mainstream acceptance and use,…

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NFC technology to be used by Standard Bank

NFC mastercard Facebook Messenger QR codes

The South African financial institution has announced the upcoming rollout of its contactless payments. Standard Bank, a major financial institution in South Africa, has announced that it will soon be releasing contactless payments through NFC technology that will be incorporated into both credit and debit cards issued to its customers. This is the largest move that a South African company has made for near field communications. The bank’s new cards will allow customers to use the “tap and go” technique in order to make their payments, instead of having to…

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NFC technology used on Tokyo smart ad sticker campaign

Pepsi social media marketing mobile technology

The new “Out of Home” advertisements for Pepsi products are displayed on city subways. Tokyo commuters taking the subway will now have a new way to keep themselves occupied while learning about Pepsi products, through a new campaign using NFC technology on stickers. Consumers with compatible smartphones have been using the “Pepsi Special” stickers since Nov. 16. The campaign is considered to be an experiment by Tokyu Agency, Inc., which has launched the campaign on behalf of Pepsi and Suntory Beverage and Food, Ltd. The NFC technology has been integrated…

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NFC technology may be included in iPhones after all

Apple NFC Technology Trends mobile payments

Apple could be planning to release a device that contains the near field communication chip in the future. The recent acquisition of Authentec by Apple, for $356 million, is suggesting that after years of rumors stating that it is seeking to include NFC technology in its iPhones, this may become the truth in the not so distant future. A near field communication chip was notably absent from the recent release of the iPhone 5. Now, the NFC technology news has been revealed that the Embedded Security Solutions (ESS) division of…

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