Nearly one million people in India are testing WhatsApp payments

WhatsApp Payments Service - WhatsApp App

India is WhatsApp’s biggest market. With 210 million monthly WhatsApp users, India is clearly WhatsApp’s biggest market. Still, in spite of the Facebook messaging app’s so far successful test of WhatsApp payments service in the country, the digital payments system has yet to become a nationwide service. WhatsApp began testing its payments service back in February of last year. Since WhatsApp payments began testing in February 2018, the service has processed about a million transactions per month. This is according to people close to the National Payments Corporation of India…

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Mobile commerce services are struggling in India

India mobile payments

Mobile wallets are a hard sell for many consumers throughout the country India is often considered a very promising market when it comes to mobile technology. Consumers, however, are showing little interest in mobile wallets. These mobile applications are meant to store financial information and data from retailers and other brands. The apps make all this information easily accessible and are meant to make mobile shopping and payments more convenient for consumers. Mobile wallets have, however, seen a relatively small amount of interest from consumers. Regulations have had little impact…

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