QR codes provide guided tours of the Wildwood Aviation Museum

qr codes aviation museum

Visitors simply need to scan the barcodes in order to gain access to an enhanced experience. The Naval Air Station Wildwood Aviation Museum has just announced the completion of its application of QR codes in order to help to provide visitors with a guided tour with the assistance of their mobile devices. The installation includes barcodes that have been strategically placed in a number of locations. These QR codes have been placed specifically within the historic Hangar #1, where visitors can use smartphones, tablets, and other similar mobile devices to…

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QR codes improve visitor experience at Pinellas County Heritage Village

qr codes museum tourism

The museum has posted the barcodes so visitors can learn more about its history. The Pinellas County Heritage Village has updated some of its signage using QR codes in order to take advantage of the ability of many of its visitors to scan the barcodes in order to obtain more information about the history of the buildings and enhance their overall experience. One of the barcodes has been placed on a sign for the McMullen-Coachman log cabin. When those QR codes are scanned, an audio history is played, which reveals…

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