Paytoo broadens its reach into a new continent

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Paytoo (Universal Mobile Services) and XY Prepago (Mobile Solutions) have come to an agreement that says that they will work together to offer telecommunication services sand mobile wallet from any cell phone in Ecuador or around the world. The ratification of this deal occurred in Miami by the G-Tel Group’s product innovation manager, Santiago Arroyo, by way of its XY Prepago business unit, and by the Paytoo CEO, Michael Poignant. The partnership between these two companies is designed to further both international telecommunications and mobile commerce as supported by a…

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Google expands features of their recently launched mobile wallet platform

M Payment

Google is bringing new features to their mobile wallet product in the coming months. The company recently launched their Google Wallet platform for NFC-enabled smart phones, hoping to lead the charge toward mobile commerce. Google hopes to entice mobile consumers to adopt their financial tool over those offered by competitors by presenting them with a sleuth of discounts and coupons. This new feature will be called SingleTap, and signals a partnership between Google and several retail companies to bring discounts to consumers. Google’s Wallet uses NFC technology to transform a…

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Apple’s new iOS 5 doesn’t include m-payment with NFC integration

Apple iphone4s

After weeks of anticipation, Apple officially unveiled the iPhone 4S at its most recent media event, which also brought the latest operating system, the iOS 5 update, into the light. Though the device wasn’t the iPhone 5, as was the expectation from the majority of experts and analysts in the industry, the iOS brought over 200 new features to this latest release. The iPhone 4S includes Siri voice-activated controls, iCloud content sync service, and can be location-enabled for the Find My Friends tracking app. However, what shocked many was the lack…

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Isis mobile commerce network includes MasterCard, Visa, Amex and Discover

Isis Mobile Payment Platform

Isis, the joint venture mobile commerce network established by AT&T, Verizon Wireless, and T-Mobile USA, has recently announced that MasterCard, Visa, American Express, and Discover have all officially signed on to the network. Isis stated that this addition will offer considerably greater options and convenience for payments made by mobile subscribers, while it also helps to build the new network’s ability to utilize payment terminals that are already established in many retail locations across the United States. The creation of Isis was initially announced by the telecommunications companies at the…

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