ERMedStat adopts QR codes as a way to better serve people in emergency situations

ERMedStat QR Code

QR codes have become very popular. This popularity has helped them spread to a variety of industries that are using the codes for purposes beyond marketing. In the world of medicine, the codes are generating a great deal of attention for their ability to distribute information quickly. Their appeal to medical personnel is amplified by the availability of smart phones and other mobile devices capable of scanning the codes. ERMedStat, an emergency health care service based in Tennessee, has just begun using QR codes as a way to better serve…

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Lifespire brings QR codes to a new age medical bracelet

QR Code Medical Bracelet

Lifespire, Inc., a nonprofit organization that helps developmentally disabled persons achieve their goals, has been developing a new version of the Code Amber Medic Altertags, a modernized medical bracelet. The tags are not actually pieces of jewelry like their predecessors; these are similar to small, plastic cards often seen adorning key chains. The new tags will feature a prominent QR code, which Lifespire hopes will be used by emergency personnel to retrieve medical information for those in need as quickly as possible. Mobile technology has been serving emergency medical technicians…

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