Dairy Queen adds Blizzard cups featuring QR codes to mobile marketing campaign

The Original Dairy Queen Neon Sign

Dairy Queen’s 2011 Miracle Treat Day campaign will be featuring Blizzard cups with QR codes that can be scanned using smartphones in order to instantly donate money to the Children’s Miracle Network charity. Mobio Technologies, Inc. (formerly known as Mobio Identiy Systems, Inc.) have announced the creation of 7.9 million Blizzard cups that are enabled with a Mobio-enabled QR code. These cups have already been distributed to every Dairy Queen location in Canada, in preparation for the charity campaign that started on July 18, 2011. Beginning at the start of…

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A hit or miss on magazine’s QR Code release

The premier issue of Vancouver’s new monthly Hush Magazine is brimming with QR codes. From ads to editorials, they are nearly on every page of the magazine. Hush describes itself in one tagline – raw, honest, and local. The more in-depth definition lies in the magazine’s goal, which is to reinvent what a magazine actually is by blending print, video, and social media. The Hush team has been laboring to keep the magazine secret during its four years of development. The team chose Valentine’s Day specifically for the imagery of…

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QR codes can pay the bills

A new report by Mobio Identity Systems Inc., the creators of the Mobio app that allows users to make payments via their phones using QR codes, shows that the use of QR codes has risen by 1,200%. The study highlights QR use in North American during the last six months of 2010. The report uses no third-party data, however, and is derived completely from Mobio’s servers. The report shows that the majority of QR scans are coming from people between the ages of 35 and 44. It had been estimated…

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