Mobile Website: Optimizing Websites to Work Better on Phones

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Make Your Site A Mobile Website One of the hottest discussions these days is about how websites can be designed to deliver optimum performance on mobile phones. To figure this out, you need to know what the differences are between a computers’ OS and that of the smartphones. Knowing these differences would enable you to make useful fixes which in turn would help your websites run smoothly on the addictive and ubiquitous mobile platform. Assessing Phone Performance Knowing how your website works on mobile phones right now will give you…

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Mcommerce may be held back in the UK due to connection speeds


The lack of universal 4G may stop mobile holiday shopping from achieving its full potential. The shopping season for the holidays is just on the edge of getting started, but many believe that mcommerce will not be able to reach its full potential this year in the U.K. because the country does not have a universal 4G carrier. Some leading analysts feel that this will hold consumers back from shopping from their smartphones. Mcommerce analysts feel that at the current common smartphone speeds, consumers who would otherwise shop using their…

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Google aims to improve mobile commerce through better smartphone load times

Mobile Commerce

The search engine giant is addressing consumer frustration with mobile commerce website load times. Arvind Jain, the engineering director at Google Inc. is performing continual monitoring of the access rates of various mobile commerce websites and is striving to find new ways to achieve better speeds. The goal that Jain is pursuing is to make it possible for websites to load using mobile devices in twice the speed that is currently being experienced. In the United States, the average load time is about 9.2 seconds. This particular goal is only…

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