Mobile commerce statistics show 23 percent of web traffic is from smartphones and tablets


The same research has shown that Apple devices represent more visits than those based on Android. The results of a study conducted by Walker Sands Communications – a marketing and public relations firm – has revealed that 23.14 percent of visits to websites that occurred in December 2012 were of the mobile commerce nature, having stemmed from smartphones and tablets. This was an increase of 84 percent over the figures that were recorded a year earlier. When compared to January 2011, there was an increase of 283 percent in mobile…

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QR code readers may make barcodes less attractive to consumers due to privacy issues

QR Codes

Concern regarding the safety of QR codes continues to grow as the codes become more popular with both businesses and consumers. Some codes have been found to link to malicious websites that download viruses smart phones, putting the owners personal information at risk. Privacy concerns do not stop at the codes themselves, however, as barcode reading applications can also access a user’s personal information and distribute it in a number of ways. The fact that these apps can access such data may make consumers weary of scanning QR codes. QR…

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