QR Code Detective: Realtors are in the perfect position to use barcodes

QR code real estate sale

Real estate marketing is an ideal opportunity to use quick response codes to their fullest potential. Among the many industries that have been achieving the greatest benefit from the use of the QR code is real estate, simply because of the nature of what is being sold and how the word is spread to potential buyers. Mobile marketing has become a critical component of a realtor’s ability to reach prospective buyers. As is the case in retail and in any other area that uses QR code marketing, there are ways…

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Mobile commerce study focuses on sales through Google apps

Mobile Commerce Marketing Report

Brand new research focuses on mobile and social selling by way of these applications. The business at the very core of Google appears to be steady, increasing, and profitable, which has led executives to plunge large investments into mcommerce through Android, as well as YouTube and Chrome, for a marriage over the long term of video and mobile. The largest advertising clients are pushing Google to boost the performance and usability in those areas. This has been an ongoing push from those customers, as they want video to be brought…

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