Mobile travel booking makes up 89 percent of online registrations

Senior smartphone - mobile travel booking

Travelers love to use their smartphones to book their trips, even more than the average retail shopper. Mobile travel booking has become extremely popular, to the point that 89 percent of all online reservations come from smartphones and tablets. This figure is considerably higher than the average rate currently seen among retail shoppers. A new Travel Insights Report revealed details regarding online and mobile travel bookings. The report indicated that 60 percent of business travel registrations are completed by way of a mobile app. Moreover, 89 percent of last minute…

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Growing mobile online travel worldwide in 2012

M-commerce growth has released the latest edition of its “Global Online Travel Report 2012”, which has provided an overall view with significant detail about the worldwide online travel marketplace, with the important inclusion of data regarding the use of mobile devices. The report examined the global market as a whole, as well as various individual regions, in addition to 37 countries in Europe, the Americas, the Middle-East, the Asia-Pacific region, and southern Africa. Furthermore, it provided the latest news about the current important companies and issues, making some predictions about trends…

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