Most public safety agencies are in favor of faster mobile technology adoption

Mobile technology adoption - phone and smartwatch

A recent study showed that 70 percent wanted to accelerate the uptake of this tech. Seventy percent of public safety agency respondents to a recent Zebra Technologies Corporation study feel that mobile technology adoption should be accelerated. The research showed that these agencies around the world are seeking to improve mobile tech. The company released its study findings showing that agencies worldwide will be pursuing greater mobile technology adoption to continuously improve community relations and workflows over the next half decade. The last of the three parts of Zebra’s study…

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Mobile technology study to investigate the impact of smartphones on children

mobile technology kids children

Researchers in the U.K. are now looking into the widely asked question about the effect of cell phones on kids. Scientists in the United Kingdom have now started a massive mobile technology study that was commissioned by the government and which is designed to examine the impact of the use of cell phones on children and their developing brains. The study will include the participation of approximately 2,500 London kids starting at ages 11 and 12. The children will be tested at their beginning age of 11 and 12 years…

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