Checking mobile technology too often is leading to “cognitive failures”

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This same problem has been measured among people who are considered to be high-frequency internet users. According to the results of a new study, people who constantly use their mobile technology to check texts, emails, or use the internet, are developing cognitive failures that are making it difficult for them to pay attention to what is going on in the real world environment. Everywhere we go, from commuter trains to waiting rooms, store lineups, and restaurants – people stare at smartphones. There are certain activities that are inherently boring to…

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Mobile technology could soon allow broken smartphone screens to heal themselves

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The same technology that is being developed for self-repairing airplane wings may be used in smartphones. Cracked smartphone screens have become one of the most expensive and frustrating annoyances associated with mobile technology, but a new type of self-healing tech that was designed for airplane wings could soon be used to repair consumer electronics, as well. Researchers have been looking into using this type of technology for applications outside of airplanes. A team at the University of Bristol within the United Kingdom has come up with the self-healing mobile technology,…

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4th of July weekend launches season of mobile devices

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The Independence Day weekend is not only the beginning of many summer vacations, but also a lot of technology use. Millions of Americans celebrated the birth of their beloved country over the long weekend and while there are many traditions that are carried from year to year, 2015 brought with it a massive amount of usage of mobile devices that is expected to continue throughout the summer months. In many cases, in fact, smartphones and tablets have taken on a central role in many summertime activities. The road trip season…

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Smartphone battery life may not improve by shutting it off at night

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Even if you try to give your mobile devices a nap at night, it won’t necessarily improve the lifespan of its power supply. Among the most common practices of mobile device owners in order to try to improve – or at least maintain – smartphone battery life is to shut the device down at night in order to give it a rest from being used. However, a technology expert is now suggesting that this habit doesn’t necessarily provide any benefit. According to the founder of iFixit, Kyle Wiens, a tech…

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Consumers are cautioned against using illegal mobile phone repeaters

World On Your Device - Mobile phone repeaters

Australian technology users are being warned that the use of these devices is against the law. Despite the fact that mobile phone repeaters are very easy for Australians to purchase when they want to improve the cellular reception that they are able to access at home, many don’t realize that these devices can actually be dangerous and they are illegal without appropriate licenses. The Australian Communications and Media Authority is warning that using them could bring on jail time. Mobile phone repeaters work by boosting the stability of a signal…

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