Magazines are finding greater use of QR codes

QR Codes

Meredith Corp has announced that it will be joining the growing trend for magazine use of two dimensional barcodes, by adding Microsoft Tag as a standard advertising tool in its range of magazines. The company has already been using the barcodes in its publications such as Traditional Home, Better Homes and Gardens, and Family Circle, and its figures show that among the readers who scan the tag, between 10 and 20 percent will either view or use the ad in some way. That said, the actual number of individuals who…

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Colorful and Interactive Marketing Signage

Herbal Essences has introduced a new retail campaign making use of QR codes and Microsoft Tags on in-store signage. The codes will enable shoppers to view detailed information about hair care products. Customers will also be able to find information on what products that best suit their hair type. The campaign will appear in more than 53,000 stores around the country, according to the company. The campaign will make use of Microsoft Tags along with QR codes. The Tags are being considered the next generation of barcode technologies. 2d barcodes…

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New QR Code analytics platform released

Mobile Tag, a leader in both 2d and 1d barcode marketing solutions, have debuted their latest universal platform for NFC TAG management. Having spent two years in development, this platform is being tailored to help businesses manage the tags, such as QR codes, used in their communication campaigns. The platform will let businesses configure the different aspects of QR codes and other barcodes. They will be able to link 1d barcodes (UPC and EAN) to online content and make them function much the same way as QR codes. Businesses will…

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