Your Smart TV might be spying on you, says Samsung

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It has recently been suggested that mobile security with certain common devices is far lower than assumed. The mobile security concerns that are typically on people’s minds typically have to do with using smartphones for making purchases online or in-store, but a recent update from Samsung Electronics Co. has shown that other gadgets such as a smart TV could be placing your private data at risk. The company updated its terms of service and has inadvertently pointed out that they could pose a security threat. Samsung recently updated its smart…

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Mobile security campaign helps people stop jealous partners from spying on them

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Bugging smartphones is becoming an increasingly common practice but a new group is helping to protect people against this spyware. Despite the fact that it is not a topic that is commonly discussed, the mobile security issue of spying on partners and spouses by way of their smartphones has become an extremely common problem, according to pressure groups that are currently tracking electronic abuse. Campaigns have now been launched to help to protect women against the increasing use of spyware on smartphones. This type of mobile security breach occurs when…

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