QR codes help some smartphone shoppers to make their decisions and purchases

QR Codes Mobile Marketing

A Nielsen study shows that mobile shopping comes in many different forms depending on the retailer. Nielsen has released the results of one of its latest consumer studies, which was geared toward understanding how smartphone owners use their devices to make purchases and the decisions surrounding them, such as their use of QR codes and other techniques and technologies. Though much of the information collected simply supported the findings of previous studies and predictions in the industry. What was especially notable, though, was not the fact that people were indeed…

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Kmart and Sears launch new mobile commerce campaign powered by QR codes

mobile shopping walls

QR coded mobile stores are quickly becoming a very popular trend in the retail circuit. These stores are often set up in high traffic areas, such as train stations and air ports. Earlier this year, retail giant Tesco launched the first mobile store in South Korea. The store was somewhat successful, leading to other retailers in Germany to follow suit. Now, the stores are coming to the U.S. thanks to Sears and Kmart. Both retailers will be deploying what they call “mobile shopping walls” in air ports, malls and movie…

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