Mobile commerce users now comprise over half of all Canadians

canada mobile commerce users

A recent survey showed that more than one in two consumers in Canada makes online purchases with a smartphone. The results of a new study regarding Canadian mobile commerce users was recently released and showed some striking findings. It revealed that among all the consumers in that country, over half are using their smartphones to shop. The research also went on to point out that Canadians enjoy shopping online on the whole. The majority of shoppers in Canada are looking to online opportunities to buy what they want, said the…

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Holiday shopping research shows Apple devices account for 9 out of 10 mobile purchases

Tablet t-Commerce

This year more than ever before, retailers have benefitted from holiday shopping that has been done through mobile devices and, according to this year’s RichRelevance study on the subject, 90 percent of the purchases came from iPhones and iPad devices. The results of the study also suggested that there is no end to the mobile shopping trend anywhere in the near future. In fact, it is predicted that it will only accelerate due to the fact that there are already over 24 million tablet users and 90 million smartphone users…

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