Mobile technology news report reveals common consumer behaviors

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A new survey has shown that shoppers are looking to their smartphones for comparisons and payments. According to recent mobile technology news that has come in the form of a report that reveals the results of a Vantiv survey, smartphones and tablets are quickly becoming a mainstream part of the overall shopping experience. In fact, the report showed that they are becoming just as common as credit cards and discount coupons. The survey was conducted by Vantiv, which is a card processor based in the Symmes Township, in Ohio. What…

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Mcommerce experts identify ways to avoid shopping cart abandonment

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Tips are being developed to help complete the transaction process. Smartphones have made it possible to shop for just about anything simply through a mobile connection and an mcommerce website. However, many merchants are facing a challenge with purchases that remain incomplete. Just as e-retailers struggle with shopping cart abandonment, so do those who are targeting smartphone and tablet customers. This mcommerce challenge is a significant problem faced by these sellers. By being able to convince consumers to complete their purchase when they have placed items in their cart, sales…

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Oracle report shows consumers expect more than retailers are providing

Consumer Shopping Trends

A report released from Oracle called “Cross-Channel Commerce: The Consumer View”, has shown the results of a survey that includes over 2,000 participating American and Canadian consumers who revealed their behaviors and expectations for online, mobile, and in-store shopping. According to the report’s findings: • It has become the standard for shopping to occur over multiple channels. In fact, 54 percent of the respondents use two or more channels as a regular behavior before they buy a product or service. • Consumers expect all channels to provide a consistent shopping…

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