Mobile shopping apps comprise over half of European e-commerce

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A new Criteo report revealed that retailers in Europe are greatly benefiting from dedicated applications. Criteo has released its Q4 Global Commerce Report which showed that mobile shopping apps are leading to significant successes in Europe. European retailers with dedicated applications are seeing widespread sales. Retailers have found that making mobile a priority is no longer an option but is quite the necessity. The report revealed that retailers that placed a priority both on mobile shopping apps and the mobile web, their performance gains are significant. The retailers with a…

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Mobile shopping apps to play central role in holiday e-commerce this year

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The 2017 holiday season will have many consumers looking to their smartphones for products they want. A recent comScore survey has shown that mobile shopping apps aren’t suffering the same pain as other types of application. A survey revealed that most smartphone users aren’t downloading any apps at all from one month to the next. The firm’s data revealed 51 percent of mobile phone users don’t download any new apps month to month. The same survey determined that mobile shopping apps are still being downloaded, even when pretty much every…

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Some mobile shopping apps are striking a chord with Millennials

millenials mobile shopping apps

M-commerce is continuing to take off at a steady pace, but certain applications are doing better than others. When it comes to hunting for products online, m-commerce is exploding among Millennials, but there are certain mobile shopping apps that are attracting a lot more attention than others, and according to a recent Forbes report, the difference is a striking one. Over the next year, it was predicted that sales over mobile commerce would reach more than $280 billion. When compared to last year, the difference is massive, considering that the…

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Mobile commerce apps may place personal data at risk, FTC

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Consumers have already expressed that they are leery about smartphone based shopping, and this may not be paranoia. While some consumers have already started shopping over mobile commerce and many retailers and restaurants have been jumping on the bandwagon to provide apps to make that process easier than using the mobile web, recent research is starting to show that this may not be as safe as some think in terms of keeping sensitive data protected. Even Americans who are using these shopping apps for price checks are placing their personal…

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Super Smart Shopping: Locating Local Deals via your Smartphone

mobile commerce payments smartphone shopping

These days, it’s hard to beat some of the online deals you can find. In fact, some of the discounts are so deep that many people have almost completely ceased shopping in person in favor of ordering things online that are shipped right to your doorstep. But even with technology permeating every aspect of the shopping experience, the chances are pretty good that you’re going to need to get something from a local supplier at some point in the near future. But just because you aren’t ordering it online, that…

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Swirl mobile shopping application unveiled

Swirl mobile app

New mobile shopping platform revealed by Swirl Networks Swirl Networks, a startup based In Massachusetts, has unveiled what it believes to be a next generation mobile shopping platform. The company has launched the Swirl application for iOS devices, which aims to combine interactive and social technologies to connect consumers to their favored retail stores. Swirl is the latest in a series of similar mobile shopping applications that are designed to make mobile shopping a more prominent part of the retail industry. Swirl already attracts support from major retail brands Swirl…

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Amazon mobile commerce strategy places focus on apps

Amazon mobile commerce

Amazon has announced that it is continuing to further its goal to dominate mobile commerce by launching a shopping app for its website, which will be available to users of iPhone devices and will align well with the company’s strategy of creating mobile editions of its websites that so far include apps for its other destinations: and According to Tracy Ogden, the Amazon, Seattle spokesperson, Amazon aims to provide its patrons with the optimal online shopping experience. Ogden said, “As more people are carrying their iPhones, we…

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