Mobile security partnership formed between BlackBerry and Samsung

Blackberry mobile security

Technology news headlines are buzzing as the two rivals have come together in this effort. It has now been confirmed that BlackBerry Ltd. has entered into a partnership with its rival handset maker, Samsung Electronics Co. in order to be able to work together to bring the increased mobile security technology to the Android operating system. BlackBerry may still be struggling, but it continues to be recognized for the high levels of security it provides. Beginning in 2015, this partnership will allow business customers to be able to gain access…

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Mobile security platform flaws discovered at Samsung Knox

Mobile marketing cyber Security

This means that the protection that it is meant to provide phones isn’t as solid as previously expected. The Knox mobile security architecture from Samsung provides a standard smartphone environment in addition to a secure container which is meant to boost the protection level of the device. A vital flaw within that platform has now been identified which could be seriously problematic. This mobile security platform issue can make it possible for data communications to be easily intercepted between the external world and the Knox secure container. This includes emails,…

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