Mobile security threat growing with new gadgets

augmented reality glasses wearable technology

The various types of technology that are being released today may be placing our privacy at further risk. The latest gadgets, such as Google Glass, and a number of others, are gaining a great deal of hype, but as much as they have a great deal of potential, they may also be placing privacy and mobile security at risk. After all, individuals wearing augmented reality glasses can take pictures and video without anyone knowing. As privacy and mobile security become an increasing concern to those who are buying technology, these…

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Mobile security “kill switch” considered by device giants

mobile security for smartphone

Smartphone manufacturers are now thinking about adding this anti theft feature. As mobile security threats and device theft become an increasing problem, and many of the leading manufacturers of smartphones and tablets have started to consider the use of the controversial “kill switch” features. These companies are thinking about installing the kill switches to provide consumers with greater control over their devices. Among the companies that are purportedly thinking about kill switches for tablets and smartphones include LG Electronics Co., and Samsung Electronics Co. They would be added specifically as…

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