Gemalto to provide platform for ISIS NFC mobile commerce


The American NFC contactless mobile payment service, ISIS, which is a joint venture among the major U.S. mobile network operators, Verizon Wireless, AT&T Mobility, and T-Mobile, has selected the trusted solution for service managers, Allynis from Gemalto, as its central mobile commerce platform. According to the chief marketing officer for ISIS, Ryan Hughes, Gemalto was chosen due to its long established relationships with both mobile operators and various trusted financial organizations. He explained that this meant that Gemalto could provide significant experience in offering services to the consumer, which involve…

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Next year will open up a world of mobile security issues

mobile security smartphone kill switch

Mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones have become the primary form of technology among Americans, and it will become even more important in the years to come. It has been forecasted by analysts in the industry that by the year 2015, there will be over 1 billion mobile device shipments, well beyond what PC shipments can ever hope to achieve. While this does offer a great deal of potential for individuals to benefit, it doesn’t come without a significant level of risk. Naturally, the increased availability and use of…

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Electronic pickpocketing may be a major risk for NFC-enabled mobile devices

Mobile Security

As more major financial and technology companies investing in near-field communication (NFC), mobile commerce may soon become a major part of the worldwide society. With commerce evolving, new dangers are being discovered that put people’s money at risk. NFC technology, essentially, transforms any smart phone into a mobile payment device by enabling that mobile device to store its owner’s financial information. Smart phones are popular targets for theft, but today’s criminals are adapting to a new world where technology has become a significant force. Pickpocketing has existed since time immemorial…

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PaymentOne unveils new initiative to protect and assist mobile payment customers

Mobile Commerce

The global mobile payments leader, PaymentOne Corporation, has announced the start of the One Care portal, which is a initiative for consumer advocacy that will guide the industry and help to make certain that consumers and merchants achieve positive mobile payment experiences. One Care would have marketing guidelines established to lead the industry, and would allow for greater investment into IT systems that would assist mobile payment users in being better capable of managing their transactions. Through this initiative, PaymentOne is helping to build a much greater defense against deceptive,…

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Switchblade Platform by 3Cinteractive receives important security certifications

nfc technology Mobile Security

Leading Fortune 1000 cloud-based mobile service and software provider, 3Cinteractive (3Ci), has just announced that its Switchblade proprietary mobile platform has received certifications from U.S.-European Union (EU) Safe Harbor, and from TRUSTe Cloud Data Privacy. In order to obtain these certifications, 3Ci had to undergo a meticulous review of its privacy policies, its security procedures, and the security measures it takes for its platform. Clients of 3Ci are among the largest global brands, which rely on the service provider to offer them with innovative and secure mobile communication solutions. According…

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