Google mobile search to assist Black Friday shoppers

Google mobile search holiday christmas black friday

Consumers planning to use m-commerce to research products ahead of the start of holiday shopping could benefit. This week, the web’s largest search engine has launched the latest way in which it will be assisting shoppers to better understand products head of Black Friday, by boosting its Google mobile search results features. From the comfort of their mobile devices, shoppers will be able to better research products using m-commerce. The latest feature of Google mobile search gives shoppers the chance to be able to benefit from improved m-commerce results with…

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Mobile marketing sees important shift in search activities

Mobile Marketing messages Campaign

It appears as though many device users are opting for apps instead of browser based engine queries. When it comes to the paid search element of mobile marketing, it looks as though the trend is moving toward apps such as Yelp, and are stepping away from the previously preferred use of search engines via browsers. This is representing a considerable threat to the dominance of Google when it comes to paid search. The reason that so many people are starting to choose apps is that there are so many of…

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Mobile marketing search discoveries from Google and Ipsos

mobile marketing search statistics

A new discovery revealed that 70 percent of smartphone searchers will use “click to call”. A survey conducted by Google an Ipsos revealed that driving phone calls is still a very important and effective mobile marketing channel, particularly when it comes to a specific website feature. The study revealed that the click to call button maintains a very high value to marketers. Regardless of whether the searcher arrives using paid or organic mobile marketing results, the survey indicated that the value of the click to call button is a high…

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10 Tips To Creating A Better Mobile Commerce Site

black friday mobile shopping record

More number of people are opting for surfing the net through their mobile phones. The advent of high quality smartphones has helped the cause, BIG TIME! On the other hand, it has also become important for a web designer to apply greater skill on building a high quality mobile site. A recent survey shows that 66% smartphone owners do shopping for their products through their mobile phone. Nevertheless, you must keep a few points in mind when you build a mobile commerce website in a better manner. Here are 10…

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Mobile commerce and search are headed in the right direction

Mobile Commerce News

After observing data over the last consecutive quarters, it is clear that money will be directed to smartphone shopping. Following the release of data from The Search Agency, the report on the topic suggests that there will be an increase in mobile commerce spending as retail and search experience a considerable push over that channel. The study showed that there has been strong growth in every sector throughout this year’s first quarter. The data that was released in the report indicated that, year over year, the mobile commerce spending for…

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