AT&T provides small and medium companies with mobile multimedia marketing solution

AT&T mobile security technology news

AT&T is offering small and medium businesses a new Messaging Toolkit, which allows them to offer their customers real-time special offers, promotions, and product updates that can help them to bring their companies to the next level. The toolkit gives these companies the opportunity to take advantage of multimedia mobile marketing solutions in a do-it-yourself format which can be accessed from a web-based cloud platform that is simple for them to use. The Messaging Toolkit by AT&T has everything that a small or medium size business needs to implement a…

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European insurer is catching the world’s attention with QR Codes

Axa Belgium, a Netherlands based insurance company, has launched their latest television campaign using QR codes. Axa has been putting more effort to connect with current and potential customers of late, particularly by using the code to engage them. As technology progresses so too must companies hoping to keep in touch with consumers. QR codes are the next step in mobile marketing and have become a powerful tool in catching the sometimes fickle attentions of consumers. Axa is no stranger to QR codes. Earlier this year, the insurer constructed the…

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Big Company Uses QR Code

SCHENECTADY, NEW YORK – A promotional strategy from Dole together with Price Choppers Supermarkets earned a lot of followers for Dole’s Mobile Salad Club. Sources confirmed that Carrie Ann Arias, senior manager of Dole Fresh Vegetables Inc., said that this was the first promotional partnership with a retailer for the Monterey, California -based Dole Fresh Vegetables Incorporated. Arias also said, “Mobile platforms have become a big focus for us from a marketing perspective, this is the first of what we think the future of marketing for us.” sources say. The…

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