How retailers are taking their first steps into the mobile commerce world


When new technology comes into common use, it isn’t always obvious how it should best be used, and mobile commerce is no exception, but retailers – both online and in actual physical space – have been making their first attempts at using smartphones and tablets to their best advantage, each in their own ways. Retailers weren’t typically a part of the first wave of commerce. There were a few trailblazers, but other than that, mobile devices weren’t at all a part of their strategies, especially among those who weren’t online…

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ABI Research report suggests NFC technology will have a major impact on retail marketing

Mobile Payments question confusion

Near Field Communication may be becoming a big deal in commerce, but the technology is still suffering from lack of consumer awareness. ABI Research, a market research firm, has released a new report concerning the status of NFC technology, noting its growth in certain markets. According to the report, the technology may not see the most success in commerce. Instead, NFC may have the most profound impact on mobile retail marketing. For marketers, the technology has yet to show any real attraction when compared to QR codes. The report suggests…

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