Mobile payments will be 3 times bigger next year

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eMarketer has predicted that by the end of 2016, the usage in the United States market will have tripled. Among the most recent forecasts issued by eMarketer is one that has been of great interest to those in the mobile payments marketplace, as they have now said that the use of these transactions will continue to climb to the point that they will have tripled by the close of next year. This represents a significant growth of the use of smartphones at checkout counters and other points of sale. The…

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Mobile payments are used by over half of American smartphone owners

Mobile payments platform

The CUNA has now released its latest survey data which has found that these device users are purchasing in droves. According to the latest survey data that has been released by the Credit Union National Association (CUNA), among American smartphone owners, more than half have used their device for mobile payments purposes, whether it be buying a digital product online or tapping it at a checkout counter – or pretty much anything in between. The survey also showed that security remains the uppermost concern of device users making purchases. Though…

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Mobile payments set to take off in UK retail

mobile commerce payments coming soon

Next year, a much larger number of retailers are expected to allow shoppers to buy using smartphones. An agreement has just been announced in the United Kingdom, which has revealed that consumers will be able to use their smartphones for mobile payments at a much larger number of retail stores across the company. This process makes it possible to complete a transaction in a matter of 12 seconds, on average. As of next year, shoppers will be able to use mobile payments to pay for their purchases at locations such…

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Mobile payments goes hands free with PayPal Beacon

The technology uses Bluetooth LE to make it possible for the service to expand. PayPal has just unveiled the very latest in its mobile payments offerings, an extension of its overall program, and is now promising to make it even easier to pay for products and services through the use of a smartphone, to the point that it is – according to the company – even simpler than using a credit card. Though there are already many other options being developed, PayPal hopes this will be the most attractive. There…

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Mobile wallet demoed to allow restaurant patrons to pay at the table

Mobile Wallets

A new integrated payments system demonstration at an Innovation event to set the bar for 2013. Cloud based mobile wallet provider, Padiant, has announced its latest solution which includes a pay at the table service for restaurants. The first demonstration of this product will occur at an event that will be held at Harvard. Later this month, the first view of the mobile wallet service will help companies, restaurants, and smartphone users to see a glimpse of the type of service that they should expect to become much more mainstream…

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Mobile payments growing among Canadian small businesses

Square Inc. mobile payments nfc technology

These systems are increasing in popularity as smaller companies seek alternatives to traditional platforms. Mobile payment technology is starting to take off among small businesses in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, as they seek to discover alternatives to the traditional online platforms and point of sale systems. Now that there are a growing number of players in the marketplace, businesses have choice. Among the various options that are starting to make some headway in the Canadian mobile payments marketplace among small business is Square. This American startup provides merchants…

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Mobile payments are struggling in Sweden

Mobile Payments

Estimates have shown that smartphone penetration in Western Europe has reached around 25 percent. The latest estimates from eMarketer have been released and they are showing that although 25 percent of Western European consumers have smartphones, mobile payments are still lagging behind in Sweden where penetration is higher. SBAB Bank data from August and September showed that penetration in Sweden is at 67 percent. However, even though Swedish consumers are more than twice as likely to have smartphones than their average European counterparts, mobile payments still aren’t picking up very…

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Lowe’s employees to receive 42,000 iPhones to assist shoppers

Lowe's Mobile Marketing

Lowe’s has announced a new effort to make it simpler for its employees to help customers by arming its store associates with 42,000 iPhones that can complete transactions and will replace the traditional scanners. The iPhones have already started to be implemented by the home improvement retailer in its American and Canadian stores, and the company anticipates the completion of the rollout by the fiscal year’s close. Using the iPhones to replace the scanner guns lets employees answer customer queries more easily and assist them in completing their purchases. According…

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