Mobile payments provide a new transaction method for Zimbabwe sex workers

Mobile Payments service

Workers within that industry have found a number of advantages to being paid over smartphones. In Zimbabwe, the unemployment rate in formal industries has been estimated to be as high as 90 percent, and an informal economy – including those in the sex trade – have now been making use of the EcoCash mobile payments system to be able to accept transactions more safely and securely than other methods. There are a number of reasons that sex workers have found that using smartphone payments is a good option. According to…

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Mobile payments at Starbucks approaching a weekly 4 million transactions

Starbucks Card Mobile commerce payments App

The use of the application is becoming a regular part of the daily experience for customers. Starbucks is continuing to report very impressive numbers for the use of mobile payments in its cafes, as the use of the related app becomes a regular part of the customer experience in its locations. The latest reports have shown that analysts are also continuing to find this success highly appealing. Howard Schultz, the CEO of Starbucks, spoke with analysts last week in order to discuss the Q2 earnings for this year. He explained…

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Mobile payments may be waiting for iPhones before they take off

Apple iphone mobile payments

Industry experts think that the market may not fulfill its potential until Apple fully joins in. Although it is expected that 2012 will have seen an increase of 70 percent in the mobile payments marketplace by its close, it is also believed that the rate of growth will be significantly higher when Apple makes its way into the mix. By the year 2016, it is predicted that the global volume will have reached over 400 million. New players are constantly making their way into the mobile payments environment, with mcommerce…

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Mobile payments launched by Groupon

Groupon Mobile commerce

The group buying program company has just announced its entry into the market. Groupon Inc. has revealed its first steps into the mobile payments marketplace as it launched its Groupon Payments service, which allows companies to accept credit card transactions from users of the iPod Touch or iPhone. While the system is compatible with virtually any credit card, it is concentrating on Groupon deals. The program is also allowing other companies to use the mobile payments service as a part of pilot programs, but it is charging rates at a…

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Bump Pay app allows smartphone owners to exchange funds

Mobile Payments Trends

Bump Pay, the second app by Bump Labs, has brought the company into the mobile payments market, allowing its users to tap their phones together in order to exchange money. The Bump Pay app has been developed based on the core technology of the company, which gives two smartphones the ability to transfer data to one another simply by tapping them together. This differs from near field communication (NFC) – which is the foundation of the Google Wallet – in that it requires the two devices to make physical contact…

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