Mobile commerce strategy unveiled by GroceryRun

Mobile Commerce Grocery Shopping App

The online grocery site has just released a new iPhone and iPad app., an online grocery store, has just announced the availability of a new mobile commerce application for iPhone and iPad users. This launch has aligned itself with the strongest growth that GroceryRun has recorded in a single quarter. The website currently receives approximately 15,000 on a weekly basis, and has seen a significant demand from suppliers who have been rushing to add their offerings to the site. This has been bolstered by the notable shift that supermarkets…

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Travelers may benefit from greater information organization through the Omnego GoTravelWallet app

New Travel App

Omnego has announced the release of its latest app, GoTravelWallet, which gives its users the ability to store, organize, and access information relating to their travel such as airline tickets, reward cards for hotels, and currency exchange rates. Many travelers find it handy to keep all of their information safely stored in one place that is easy to access. The Omnego app is currently available for Android, iPhone, and BlackBerry devices. CEO of Omnego, David Thomas, said that the GoTravelWallet app was developed to assist “help business and pleasure travelers…

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Android compatible QR Pal code scanner released to combine scanning and sharing

QR code App

United Kingdom-based QR Pay Ltd., has unveiled its latest Android compatible application in the form of its new QR Pal Mobile Phone app product. This new app was created to increase the usefulness of the typical QR code scanner, by permitting additional features after scanning, such as storing the barcode and sharing it among friends. It also provides an additional “Safe Browsing” element, in addition to a payment facility, so that it is the first QR code scanner app that places focus on security. According to CTO Chris Cooke, from…

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SapientNitro looks to help smokers quit by showing them their own damaged lungs

AR App for Smokers

SapientNitro, an interactive marketing and creative design firm, has been working on a new augmented reality application that helps smokers see what is at work in their bodies. The app is designed to help smokers quit by showing them the damage they are doing to their lungs. Augmented reality would serve this purpose well, as the technology allows for interactive displays of information that can be made aesthetically striking. The app, called AR Lungs, may be the next tool used for smoking cessation. The app displays a medically accurate set…

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Londinium: Bringing Roman London to life through the use of augmented reality

London Museum

Two millennia have passed since the glory days of the expansive Roman Empire, yet the civilization has lost none of its intrigue. For centuries, archeologists have been discovering ancient artifacts from the height of the Empire in places that were least expected. In recent years, the discovery that the Romans has spread as far as Britain shook previous theories about the reach of the Empire to their core. Indeed, London was once a territory of the Empire, and now the Museum of London is looking to breathe new life into…

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