Mobile payments will have eliminated cash by 2030, report

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According to the predictions released by IEEE, traditional transactions will fall aside that year. Although it can’t be disputed that mobile payments have been having a struggle in taking off and that it has been taking a great deal of effort to try to convince consumers to adopt this technology for using smartphones instead of cash or credit cards while in brick and mortar stores, a recent prediction is indicating that the time will come for this tech. A new report released by IEEE has looked into several related factors…

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Mobile payments grow 707 percent in China

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Spending reached $200 billion while this growth occurred throughout 2013. According to recent data released by iResearch, a data analysis and online tracking service, the total independent mobile payments transaction volume in China reached approximately $200 billion, last year (1219.74 billion yuan). This represents an increase of 707 percent over the figures that were seen in 2012. The services that were included in the analysis by iResearch included various forms of mobile payments not including the large established banks and massive conventional services such as China UnionPay and the bank…

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Mobile payments make up a third of the business at Braintree

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The company has now revealed that it is experiencing massive growth in processing these transactions. According to the latest data that has been released by Braintree, it is now processing an annual $4 billion in transactions over mobile payments, which represents a tremendous third of the total annual processed transactions from the company, which is $12 billion. Braintree is racing along in terms of rapid scaling in order to beat out other platforms, such as Stripe. The total amount of mobile payments has managed to experience a quadrupling at Braintree…

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Mobile payments report shows this will be the fastest growing transaction method

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Research shows that over the next five years, this will be rapidly increasing in popularity. Though much of the technology shopping focus may be on m-commerce at the moment, but according to the latest research, it is mobile payments that are coming out as the star in terms of growth at the moment and over the next few years. In brick and mortar stores, using smartphones for completing purchase transactions will become more common. The results of a new Javelin Strategy and Research study has shown that in the United…

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Mobile payments will be a larger focus for retailers in 2013

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Merchants have learned the lesson from the holiday shopping season and are moving forward with smartphone transactions. Retailers have been viewing the statistics that have been compiled from 2012 and its heaviest shopping season, and it has been made clear that mobile payments will be a necessary part of 2013 if they wish to remain competitive. Consumers are beginning to indicate that they want to be able to do more in-store with their smartphones. This, according from the study performed together by and Forrester Research, called the “State of…

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