Mobile payments facing tremendous risks, says study

Mobile commerce Risks

Just as the transactions are beginning to gain some credibility, U.K. risk analysts say struggles are ahead. The adoption of mobile payments has been far slower than expected, and just as some were beginning to think that they were finally taking off, risk analysts from Riskskill, a U.K. consultant, have released a report that assesses that global market in a much more sobering light. It could be that there are a broad number of challenges and risks associated with that form of transaction. According to Bill Trueman, the CEO of…

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Mobile payments due for more disruption in 2013, says PayPal

Mobile Payments Future

The head of the company, David Marcus, posted on the company blog to say that the area would continue with challenges. The president of PayPal, David Marcus, used the company’s blog in order to make a post with some of his predictions about what is to come next year, including the future of mobile payments. The posting included forecasts both about offline and online forms of paying for products and services. According to Marcus’s post, “At PayPal we have an end-to-end view of the industry that others don’t and I…

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