New mobile payments partnership opens between Australian and Dutch companies

Australia Mobile payments Commerce QR Codes

The two firms in question are eftpos and Bell ID, which hope for a flexible new transaction capability. Eftpos, a company from Australia has now announced a partnership with a Dutch company called Bell ID in order to develop a domestic mobile payments capability that will use secure tokenization and will still remain notably flexible. The purpose of this new partnership is to help to make eftpos smartphone payments available across digital platforms. Bruce Mansfield, the managing director of eftpos explained that the new capability that will be developed through…

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Mobile payments system launched by Wawa

Wawa Convenience Store mobile payments

The convenience store chain is looking to benefit from the same opportunity that is successful at Starbucks Both Starbucks and Dunkin’ Donuts have been finding considerable benefit from their mobile payments systems and their loyalty apps, and now the Wawa convenience store chain has announced that it is rolling out its own version of a system. Wawa’s mobile app now also features its own gift card based digital transaction system and a rewards program. The Wawa mobile payments app is compatible with iOS and Android based devices. It gives customers…

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Mobile payments system, Isis, is available across the US

isis mobile wallet

The long awaited nationwide launch of the smartphone based and carrier backed wallet service has arrived. Though it has been a bumpy road, and one that was much longer than anticipated, Isis, the mobile payments platform that is backed by three American carriers, is finally rolling out across the United States and is available to consumers throughout the country. After having limited itself to test cities for over a year, this NFC technology based system is now available all over the U.S. It is now possible for consumers with NFC…

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5 Reasons to Implement Mobile Payment Processing

Mobile Marketing for Small Business Owners

Mobile payment processing allows people to use their mobile devices to pay for a variety of products and services. This positively influences many areas of commerce by improving the way companies do business. It offers a variety of benefits that range from superior on-the-go capabilities, flexibility, and affordable pricing to opportunities to attract new customers and increase profit. If these advantages don’t convince you to embrace this payment option, perhaps the following 5 reasons to implement mobile payment processing will be helpful. 1.      Convenience Developed especially for people on the…

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Mobile payments through Passbook popular at Sephora

Sephora augmented reality

iPhone users are proving to be among the best customers at the beauty product company. Sephora USA Inc. has just revealed that Apple Passbook users are among its bets customers, as these mobile payments users will typically spend twice as much and as often as other shoppers. The retailer has used its Passbook pass to provide loyal customers with rewards and other benefits. According to Sephora, there have been more than 600,000 Beauty Insider loyalty cards that have already been registered by customers into their Passbook mobile payments wallets through…

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Mobile commerce jumps ahead in Austin with ISIS release

Verizon Mobile marketing

This launch was announced by Verizon Wireless, in conjunction with the launch in Salt Lake City. Verizon Wireless, one of the participants in the ISIS mobile commerce joint venture, has officially announced that the smartphone wallet service is now available in Austin and Salt Lake City as a part of the long awaited official launch. The wireless provider held a store event at its location in Great Hills to celebrate the Austin launch. The service had its official start on Monday in both Austin, Texas and Salt Lake City, Utah.…

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Mobile payments at Starbucks allow customers to leave tips

Starbucks Mobile commerce

This new function will be implemented by the summer of 2013. Starbucks has announced that its mobile payments system will soon be including a feature that will allow customers to leave a digital tip for baristas, and that this will likely become available as of next summer. A similar ability will also be available through the Square program to be implemented in November. This additional mobile payments system at Starbucks will also give customers the chance to leave tips for the baristas when they purchase their coffees. In order to…

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Bank of America snubs NFC in favor of alternative

Bank of America mobile payments

Bank of America testing new mobile payment system Bank of America has chosen to abandon NFC technology in favor of a new, image-based technology it is currently testing. The system that the bank is testing is designed to be a mobile commerce solution that is an alternative to NFC technology. The system seems to have an immediate appeal to retailers interested in mobile commerce as it requires them to share nothing more than a simple image with consumers. This removes the need for expensive hardware and could win the support…

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QR codes central to Royal Canadian Mint’s challenge winner

QR Codes Mobile Payment System

MintWallet won the $50,000 prize with its Windows Phone app. The challenge created by the Royal Canadian Mint was designed in order to encourage the development of an app that will clearly illustrate the advantages of using digital funds over actual cash, and was met with a winner that used QR codes as the heart of its functionality. The winning app, called MintWallet, offers several digital cash transfer opportunities. Among those features are the ability to request money from another party or to send money. It is based on a…

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Mobile payments launched by Groupon

Groupon Mobile commerce

The group buying program company has just announced its entry into the market. Groupon Inc. has revealed its first steps into the mobile payments marketplace as it launched its Groupon Payments service, which allows companies to accept credit card transactions from users of the iPod Touch or iPhone. While the system is compatible with virtually any credit card, it is concentrating on Groupon deals. The program is also allowing other companies to use the mobile payments service as a part of pilot programs, but it is charging rates at a…

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Mcommerce experiences their first mobile payment app that allows users to give back

LevelUp app mobile payments

LevelUp makes a splash with their app that allows users to share their savings with their favorite causes. The LevelUp mobile payment app has taken mcommerce to a new and kindhearted level by using the opportunities that it gives its users to save money – through loyalty programs, incentives, and special offers – in order to give to their favorite causes. The Causes program was recently launched to allow users to share their savings in a meaningful way. The app has now become the first mcommerce payment ecosystem which has…

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