QR codes to be central to new mobile payment service

qr codes used in mobile payment systems by banks

Bank of America will be using the barcodes as a part of a test program. The most recent step into the mobile payments wave is Bank of America, as it tests the use of QR codes that will permit customers to use their smartphones in order to complete transactions. This service will be available through iPhones and Android smartphones to make payments. The technology that is being tested by the bank was created by Paydiant, a growing name in the mobile payments industry. The solution that was chosen involves the…

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Mobile payments available through QR codes with Paydiant

Mobile payments- Paydiant

New options now available for paying with a smartphone. The mobile payments landscape is experiencing explosive growth and evolution, and Paydiant has now introduced the next level through the use of QR codes. This company has made its mission to show smartphone users that there are options available. Though many people think of mobile payments and only a few main companies – all with similar overall strategies – come to mind, Paydiant is hoping that it will make a difference in the smartphone user’s ability to complete transactions. It wants…

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ShelfX announces launch of refrigerator that scans QR codes for inventory management

Shelfx mobile app qr code technology

ShelfX has announced the release of a fridge that uses QR codes to know what it contains. Innovative inventory management and self-checkout solutions provider, ShelfX, has announced that it is now offering a new product called the Vending Fridge, which uses QR codes to keep up with what has been added or removed from its contents. This new product can be compared to the next evolution of the vending machine, as it provides consumers with a barcode scanning app that can be used with their smartphones, called the ShelfX Mobile…

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