Moneto upgrades mobile payment platform

Mobile Payments adoption by women

Moneto announces numerous upgrades to platform Moneto, a leading mobile payment company, has announced updates to its mobile payment platform of the same name. The company claims that these updates make it the first mobile payment platform that is available for both iOS and Android mobile devices. The updates bring a sleuth of new features to the platform that may make it more attractive to consumers that are interested in mobile commerce. The Moneto platform utilizes NFC technology to facilitate transactions. Platform now capable of transferring money The Moneto platform…

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Gift services could be the key to success in mobile commerce

Mobile Commerce Trends

The fight for mobile commerce dominance continues As mobile commerce continues to gain momentum amongst consumers, the fight for dominance in the emerging industry is becoming more heated. Mobile commerce is powered by NFC technology. This technology makes it possible for mobile devices, such as smart phones and tablets, to send and receive information wirelessly. Typically, these devices must been in close proximity to NFC signals in order for this transmission to be successful. This makes NFC ideal for mobile commerce because it is able to transform mobile devices into…

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Visa says mobile payments won’t lead to EM cards’ demise

Mobile payments credit cards

An executive from Visa has reported that EM cards aren’t doomed due to the rise of mobile payments. The head of Visa Inc.’s non-U.S. operations has released a statement while in Singapore, saying that there is still a future in plastic credit cards, despite the growth and aggressive promotion of mobile payments and their various platforms. Even though there has been a tremendous rise in the number of systems catering to smartphones – particularly in emerging markets such as India and Indonesia – the fact that these same nations are…

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Consumer Reports says that mobile commerce may be more costly to consumers than originally thought


The hype surrounding NFC technology and mobile payments may be little more than over-exaggerations coming from the companies backing the emergence of mobile commerce. According to a new report from Consumer Reports, a product review and ratings firm, electronic payment methods still have a long way to go before mobile commerce can win the hearts of consumers. This may be bad news for several big-name tech companies that have been pouring resources into the development of mobile payments platforms. Companies and banks are currently vying for a share of the…

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Ebay doing a little shopping of their own

Ebay m-commerce News

Online auction and shopping giant eBay has spent more than 200 million dollars in the last year making acquisitions of three businesses. This may not sound like much, but when you put it all on paper and look at the big picture; then you start to see it. EBay has been building itself to be right in the center of mobile and local commerce, and payments. Besides owning PayPal, eBay now owns three other companies. The first was purchased in June of last year; a barcode-scanning application called RedLaser. RedLaser…

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