Audi customers can use mobile banner ads to make car payments

Audi augmented reality - Mobile Website

Audi automobile manufacturer has announced that it is using mobile technology to allow current vehicle owners to pay their bills by using banner ads that have been integrated into their mobile website. Mobile ads for Audi’s brand new A6 model have been incorporating video, location, and other features about the car that are highly interactive. In order to produce these ads, Audi partnered with the AKQA marketing agency for the complete campaign. According to the AKQA account director for mobile, Tina Unterlaender, “This particular group the campaign is targeting accesses…

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Mobile optimized website puts Timberland in the m-commerce fast lane

Mobile Optimized Site

Timberland has taken a tremendous leap into mobile with its optimized site, which has been live since the end of August, as well as a number of live events which feature QR codes that provide enhanced information on products and will be starting on October 19, 2011. According to the Timberland North American commerce manager, Heather Frost, said that they’ve been paying attention to the information regarding mobile’s emergence for quite some time. She added that smartphones have “obviously changed everything quite dramatically and we felt that getting a mobile-optimized…

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How Google Commerce Search will improve mobile shopping just in time for the holidays

Tablet t-Commerce

M-commerce is rapidly on the grow, especially in terms of shopping queries originating from mobile devices, and Google Commerce Search will only help to build on that experience. If there is one thing that consumers are demonstrating, it is that shopping and the use of their mobile devices goes hand-in-hand. It is changing the way that people shop, and they are looking for improved tools and resources to make the experience better, simpler and more effective. In this light, experts are recommending that e-commerce sites make a high priority of…

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Google spots important weakness in m-commerce

Mobile Commerce

While m-commerce is still taking hold of a growing portion of the shopping market for the holiday season, the majority of the top advertisers on Google have damaged their opportunities for maximizing the potential of the trend by failing to offer a mobile optimized website. This, regardless of the fact that research from Google itself has demonstrated that the amount of interaction between consumers and businesses by way of mobile increased by almost three times between 2009 and 2011, and that this number continues to rise. In fact, 79 percent…

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