Beat Fever mobile game successfully connects fans and music artists

Beat Fever drives players to music streaming services - Apple Music on smartphone

The mobile game is driving millions to music streaming services Beat Fever is a relatively new music-based mobile game app that helps to bring music artists closer to their fans. It has successfully driven millions of streams to music streaming services including Apple Music, Spotify, YouTube and others. The music game has dramatically boosted music streaming. It is not uncommon for music from popular artists to be used in games for consoles, mobile and tablets. That being said, in most cases, fans rarely engage with the music they hear outside…

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Mobile commerce push by HMV creates music download stores and controversy

The company is seeking to complement its brick and mortar stores with smartphone friendly ones. At the start of this year, it appeared as though HMV was sitting on rather shaky ground, but following an acquisition by Hilco Capital in April that has rescued some of its stores, and now a move toward mobile commerce, it looks as though the shops will continue to remain open. There are still 140 stores that have been able to remain in operation since the April acquisition. That said, the company has now realized…

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