Survey shows smartphones are not popular for mobile payments

mobile commerce payments smartphone shopping

Survey suggests that consumers do not enjoy mobile commerce on their smartphones A new survey from Marketing Land and SurveyMonkey suggest that consumers primarily use their smartphones for in-store research rather than for mobile payments. Mobile commerce is still a relatively new concept to many people and consumer participation in mobile commerce is quite limited. Many people do not feel comfortable with the idea of paying for products with their mobile devices, mostly due to security concerns that they have regarding the mobile space. Smartphones provide excellent shopping support The…

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Mobile payments solution forms through new Western Union partnership

Western Union Mobile Payments

The company has partnered with a Nigerian company in order to provide locals with smartphone money solutions. The Western Union Company has just entered into a deal with the Nigerian company called Virtual Terminal Network (VTN) in order to provide a mobile payments solution to consumers in the country. The service allows users to fund a VTN VCASH account and transfer money to other accounts. The customers would fund the account through the use of Western Union. From there, VCASH users would be able to make mobile payments transfers for…

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A World Without (Paper) Money

Mobile Payments

When was the last time you paid for anything with a check? For that matter, when was the last time you paid for anything with cash? Today debit and credit cards are accepted almost everywhere. Even places that have been famous for only accepting physical currency (like Laundromats) now use a card based payment system. Even vending machines are starting to accept cards now. So what does that mean for physical currency? Is it really on its way out or does it just feel that way? Let’s start with what…

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Mobile payments to be worth more than $257 billion in 5 years

Mobile Payments market trends

A new report has predicted that the use of smartphone transactions will skyrocket by 2018. A new market research report has just been released which has shown that there will be considerable growth in the adoption and worth of mobile payments over the next half decade. This report was released by MarketsandMarkets and says that by 2018, this market will be worth $278.9 million. The name of the report is “Mobile Money Market: (Mobile Payments, Mobile Remittance, Mobile Banking & Mobile Commerce) – Advanced Technologies, Value Chain, Adoption Trends &…

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Mobile banking helps to empower Tanzanian women

Tanzania mobile banking payments

The ability to exchange money and make payments with smartphones is placing power in the hands of women. The GSMA mWomen Programme is working in combination with Bankable Frontier Associates (BFA) and Visa Inc. in five different countries in order to help to better use mobile banking to reach women who are underserved and whose needs can be directly met by this technology and its associated products. The five countries include: Tanzania, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, Pakistan and Kenya. The organization’s research has been providing a much more insightful understanding…

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