QR code money transfers allow Chinese panhandlers to accept mobile payments

begging panhandling qr code money

As China progresses toward a cashless society, people begging for money won’t be limited to change. A new way of accepting QR code money transfers will give new options to panhandlers in China. Individuals begging for change have found that as the country becomes increasingly cashless, fewer people have cash handy to give. A growing number of people in China have been using mobile payments, reducing the cash they carry. As a result panhandlers have found that people who would otherwise give them money don’t have any change handy to…

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New mobile commerce platform launched in Singapore

Singapore Mobile Commerce

SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank launch new mobile platform called Dash SingTel, a leading telecommunications company in Singapore, has partnered with Standard Chartered Bank in order to launch a new mobile commerce platform. The platform is comprised of three services that are offered by SingTel and Standard Chartered Bank. These services are designed specifically for smartphones and cover money transfers, retail payments, mobile travel insurance, and loan applications. Those with smartphones will be able to use the new platform, which is called Dash, and the platform will not be exclusive…

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Businesses see mobile commerce as very risky

Mobile commerce Risks

Businesses believe that serious threats lurk within the mobile space People are becoming more interested in the idea of mobile commerce, but businesses are very leery of this emerging field because of its inherent security risks. Businesses tend to see the mobile space as a more dangerous playing field than other field connected to the digital world. An estimated 32% of businesses believe that mobile commerce is significantly riskier than traditional e-commerce, and  these businesses are not eager to take steps to protect themselves from mobile risks. Survey shows that…

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Mobile commerce services are struggling in India

India mobile payments

Mobile wallets are a hard sell for many consumers throughout the country India is often considered a very promising market when it comes to mobile technology. Consumers, however, are showing little interest in mobile wallets. These mobile applications are meant to store financial information and data from retailers and other brands. The apps make all this information easily accessible and are meant to make mobile shopping and payments more convenient for consumers. Mobile wallets have, however, seen a relatively small amount of interest from consumers. Regulations have had little impact…

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MoneyGram forms deal with Vodafone to promote mobile commerce

Mobile trends Commerce Apps on smartphone

MoneyGram teams with Vodafone to appeal to mobile consumers MoneyGram has announced its new partnership with Vodafone. Through this partnership, the two organizations aim to make it easier for consumers to conduct money transfers from their mobile devices. This is to be accomplished through the M-Pesa platform, which is owned by Vodafone. The platform has been used throughout Europe for various purposes ranging from bill paying to depositing funds into a bank account directly from a mobile device. Vodafone continues to find success in the mobile field with its various…

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