Technology news made when Android beats its own record

Apple vs Android mobile marketing

The Google mobile operating system is claiming 80 percent of all of the global smartphone shipments. The latest data that has been released by Strategy Analytics in a technology news report that has revealed that the worldwide shipments of smartphones has increased by 47 percent when compared to last year, to the point that in the second quarter of 2013, there were 230 million units shipped. Google, the maker of Android, must be thrilled as a record 8 out of every 10 devices used its operating system. During the second…

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Technology news rumors circulating wildly about Amazon Phone

technology news

Experts in the industry have been presenting their projections regarding a smartphone from the company. The latest technology news reports from mobile industry experts are increasingly suggesting that Amazon will soon be releasing smartphone options for its consumers in addition to its already successful ebook readers and tablets. In fact, many rumors are starting to say that there will actually be two different smartphones available. The belief is that one of the Amazon smartphones that will soon be making technology news will have a 3D screen and will have a…

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ShopSavvy unveils SavvyListings for mobile in direct competition with Craigslist

ShopSavvy Mobile App

ShopSavvy, the provider of solutions for mobile commerce, has announced the introduction of its SavvyListings, a service comparable to Craigslist but designed for the mobile marketplace to allow consumers to use their tablets and smartphones to sell products. All sellers need to do to sell their used, unwanted items is to scan the barcode of the product with their smartphone, and enter information about the condition, and the desired selling price. This is a free service and the category, description, and images of the product do not need to be…

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Eurostar on track for new mobile ticketing feature

Mobile Payments For Train

The Eurostar transportation company is adding its own presence to the mobile marketplace by including a number of different initiatives such as iPhone and Android device apps, a mobile-optimized website, and mobile ticketing. According to Eurostar – a high-speed passenger rail service in Europe, including the United Kingdom, France, and Belgium – approximately 80 percent of its customers use some form of mobile device when they travel. By providing these consumers with new tools that can be used on those devices, it allows them to check travel schedules, buy their…

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Location-based promotion helps Dunkin’ Donut boosts their mobile presence

Mobile payments App for Dunkin Donuts

Though Dunkin’ Donuts is already a part of the mobile marketplace, it has announced that it is now boosting its presence there by way of a new campaign that gives its customers the chance to win prizes and the title of “President of Dunkin’ Nation” by checking in at participating locations. In order to run the promotion, Dunkin’ Donuts has integrated Facebook and Foursquare, and will continue to do so until September 23, 2011. According to the Dunkin’ Brands vice president of consumer engagement, Dan Saia, the purpose of this…

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