PRINT2D launched new education initiative to help companies understand how to use QR codes effectively

QR Code Printing

As businesses grow increasingly interested in mobile marketing, some have been having trouble incorporating QR codes successfully into their marketing plans. At a glance, QR codes are deviously simple. This inherent simplicity has led many companies into thinking that the codes they generate online are ready to use on any medium. This often means that QR codes are not as successful as companies would hope, which could damage the reputation of the codes and their usefulness. In an effort to remedy this problem, PRINT2D, a mobile website and designer barcode…

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Nutrimix launches new QR code campaign to expand its online presence


Nutrimix Labs, a dietary supplement and wellness company, has begun using QR codes. The company has launched a new marketing campaign that aims to increase its presence on various social networks. QR codes have mixed well with social networks in the past, as they give companies the ability to engage consumers in a dynamic way. Nutrimix will be using the codes in various print advertisements that will begin appearing in magazines and newspapers within the next few weeks. When consumers scan these codes with a smart phone, they will be…

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Research suggests improvements for QR codes

qr code

The results of research recently released by Chadwick Martin Bailey (CMB) have determined that nearly 50 percent of smartphone owners who have devices capable of scanning QR codes have already done so at least once, and that among them, almost one in every five had followed up by making a purchase. These positive numbers are encouraging for marketers who have been including the barcodes in their mobile strategies, and for those who have been planning to do so in the near future. The research was performed by both CMB and…

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Simple QR code technique could help marketers build more effective campaigns

Mobile Commerce

QR codes may be becoming more popular amongst consumers, but the businesses using them may not be doing so effectively. Most codes are linked to discounts and other deals that can be found online. The codes have proven themselves to be a powerful consumer engagement tool, but businesses have grown accustomed to allowing the codes to perform a sole function. As marketers become more comfortable with the codes, they are beginning to see beyond the boundaries they once believed kept the barcodes confined. Most QR codes are scanned by consumers…

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Marketers more enamored with QR codes than consumers are. Awareness may be the issue

QR Code Video

*We like this video by showing the tremendous potential along with how user friendly the QR code can be. Mobile technology is coming to dominate the marketing world. Marketers are particularly enamored with QR codes, as they allow for dynamic consumer engagements on a level that was unreachable in the past. Indeed, the codes have begun showing up everywhere from soccer fields to rental cars. Marketers often have a tendency to cling to strategies they believe will be a major hit with consumers, but QR codes have yet to…

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