Mobile marketing campaign success from The North Face

The North Face mobile shopping marketing

The company hasn’t missed the lesson from their experience and is now in the midst of a strategic digital shift. The first large mobile marketing push from The North Face was strikingly successful as the company experienced a higher rate of digital engagement in Europe as a result of this campaign. Now, the brand is shifting itself away from its older traditional channels and toward smartphones and tablets. To accomplish this goal, The North Face has partnered with Millennial Media. It was this arrangement that brought about the brand’s first…

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Mobile marketing from Microsoft pokes fun at iPhone – again

Microsoft mobile marketing Apple iPhone 5S

Apple rivals have taken the iPhone 5S and 5C release as their next opportunity to take shots. The other leaders in the tech industry always see the most recent releases of Apple products as the perfect opportunity to use a snarkier side of mobile marketing, by drawing attention to what they feel are the downfalls of the products that the iPhone maker has just unveiled. However, with this latest release, Microsoft has managed to use this strategy in a humorous way. Microsoft has watched its most recent mobile marketing attempt…

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