Mobile marketing may want to place a focus on shopping moms

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A recent study has shown that this demographic is highly receptive to ads and offers over their smartphones. Newly published research has now confirmed what many mobile marketing firms have already suspected, which is that moms are quite receptive to receiving various types of ads, promotions, and offers over the use of their smartphones. These findings suggested that moms have become more dependent on their mobile devices than ever before. The research was published within the 2014 BabyCenter US Mobile Mom Report. It indicated that mothers are using their smartphones…

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How to reach the coveted target market of moms with mobile devices

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Mothers represent one of the most desired target markets and are desired by virtually every brand, but many don’t know how to reach them – especially in the new mobile marketplace. This is one of the largest demographics for using a product and then either blogging about their experiences, or sharing it through social media. There are currently approximately 4 million blogging moms in the United States. Though they are using their computers to share their experiences, they are also using smartphones on an increasing basis. Earlier in 2012, Facebook…

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