Mobile commerce through direct mail could boost holiday shopping

QR Codes mobile commerce used by mail service

Some of the more traditional techniques are still powerful drivers at this time of year. Every year, the line between offline and online shipping becomes slightly less defined, and mobile commerce has only added to this gray area – particularly as smartphone users bring their devices into the store locations themselves in order to help them with their purchasing decisions. This year, the average holiday shopper will spend an average of $749.51, according to predictions. This is a slight increase over last year, both in terms of online and offline…

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Mobile marketing campaign launched by Lindt

Mobile Marketing Campaign by Lindt

The effort has been made by the chocolatier to help to boost sales. Lindt, the chocolatier from Switzerland known for their golden bunnies at Easter time, have announced that they are beginning a mobile marketing campaign, as they have recognized that this is one of the most important channels for reaching consumers today. They have also recognized that this is one of the most important methods for influencing purchasing decisions. The premium chocolate brand intends to use a series of different mobile marketing techniques in order to help boost their…

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Mobile marketing techniques are starting to be identified for more steady success

Small Business Mobile ad success marketing

Companies and brands are starting to learn the ropes regarding what works and how. Though very few have suggested that mcommerce is already an important channel and that mobile marketing is becoming vital to the success of any business, it isn’t until quite recently that the right strategies have started to become identified to allow efforts in this environment to be successful with some consistency. Almost ten percent of money spent online is now coming from a smartphone or tablet device. Considering the size of that contribution, companies who are…

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Mobile marketing is most effective in mcommerce without direct advertising


As the communication is more personal consumers don’t want to be sold to over this channel. Mobile marketing is proving to be more unique than marketers had originally anticipated, as a little bit more is learned about the mcommerce channel with each passing day, and better techniques are developed to cater to the preferences of the device users. One of the most important lessons learned is that techniques used on laptops don’t work in mcommerce. It is this struggle that is causing problems in the marketplace such as the plummeting…

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How luxury brands can use mobile marketing for their target market

Mobile Marketing ROI

Upscale companies need to use specific methods for reaching consumers. Luxury brands have always had to tell a different story than their more conventional counterparts, and mobile marketing has not changed this rule – only the way in which the central message is conveyed. It must still promote a vision of an exclusive, desirable lifestyle that isn’t open to everyone. Though this has been effectively achieved through other channels, it continues to present a struggle to marketers who are seeking to communicate with consumers via smartphone. The methods that they…

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General Mills to begin experimenting with QR codes this year

QR Codes on Cereal

In an effort to reach out to a new generation of tech-savvy consumer, General Mills, the acclaimed food production company, has announced that it will begin experimenting with QR codes. The codes have had a far-reaching impact on the world of marketing. As advertisers struggled to connect with consumers who were growing more mobile, they turned to QR codes to help close the gap. Thus far, the codes have seen more success than failure and are gaining traction with consumers around the world. General Mills will be adding the codes…

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How brands aren’t keeping up with m-commerce

Mobile Commerce

The most recent L2 Prestige Mobile IQ report has indicated that most of the top brands are falling behind on the latest opportunities being offered by mobile marketing and m-commerce. The report also indicated that these leading brands were using effective mobile marketing techniques at a surprisingly low level. It examined the use of mobile sites, apps, and marketing (including SMS) as well as the brands’ overall integration and innovation. L2, the creator of the study, stated that within the upcoming years, the companies that will be the most successful…

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QR codes to grow more popular next year, according to AT&T survey

Scan QR Code

A new survey from AT&T Mobility Solutions, the mobile branch of AT&T Inc., shows that stores may be getting more QR codes after the holiday season has come to an end. The company polled 500 of its business clients in order to gain insight on how popular QR codes are becoming amongst businesses. Of those surveyed, 88% had plans to adopt aggressive mobile marketing strategies next year. Most of these plans involved QR codes in some way. AT&T believes that the codes will become more common place next year. Consumer…

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QR codes assist Phoenix airport visitors to find their way around

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport

Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has announced that they will be using QR codes to perform a number of new tasks to make the traveler’s experience a faster, easier, and more convenient one. They will use QR codes to find the official website for the airport, learn a flight’s status, find restaurants and other amenities within the terminal, complete satisfaction surveys for taxi service, identify problems in the airport’s restrooms, or even have the airport notify you of the location of your vehicle in the parking lot via email upon…

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Hennessy announces results of their latest mobile marketing campaign

QR Code Campaign

Hennessy, the world’s premier cognac house, recently undertook a foray into the world of mobile marketing. A growing number of brands are beginning to take notice of the ever expanding popularity of mobile technology among consumers. As technology changes, so too must the marketing efforts from companies interested in staying viable in the shifting landscape of business. Last July, Hennessy adopted QR codes, and has announced the results of their campaign this week. QR codes have become a very popular tool amongst marketers due to the enchanting effects they seem…

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