How to get started in mobile marketing

Mobile marketing has reached the point of explosion, and it is now perfectly clear to most marketers and businesses that taking part in it and using its techniques is no longer an option. It’s a necessity. What isn’t quite as obvious is how to get started and how a marketer should guide a business into the channel for the first time. What are those critical first steps that should be taken from having absolutely no mobile presence, to easing in the door and then taking off for the best successes?…

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Mobile marketing pushed with a vengeance by Nokia

Nokia technology news

The company has embraced its new role as “challenger” and is seeking to be more aggressive to appeal to consumers. Nokia has had struggles appealing to smartphone customers in the past and, as a result, has decided to redesign its mobile marketing strategy in order to “be more bold” and boost its appeal to consumers worldwide. The company recognizes that it is now a challenger as opposed to a leader and has altered its efforts to suit that role. According to Tuula Rytila, the chief marketing officer at Nokia, the…

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Mobile marketing introduced in new Toys ‘R’ Us campaign

Toys R Us Mobile marketing

This massive toy store has recognized that its customers are smartphone carriers and this is an important opportunity. Toys ‘R’ Us has revealed that it is moving to the cutting edge when it comes to advertising, with a new mobile marketing campaign that will use techniques such as smartphone coupons that will include barcodes that can be scanned at the point of sale in order to allow shoppers to obtain discounts. The company is also running campaigns in a top American magazine to gain tremendous exposure. The toy store will…

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Mobile marketing agreement reached between Google and Mondelez

mobile marketing opportunity

The sweets company and the search engine giant have come to a worldwide strategic deal. Mondelez International – a well known global manufacturer of biscuits, candy, gum, and chocolate – has just announced that it has reached a worldwide mobile marketing strategic agreement deal with Google. The entire focus of the deal is on targeting smartphones and tablets in various types of advertising and promotions. Mobile marketing has made up the exclusive element of this partnership, but it will entail a number of different parts of this broad category, including…

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QR codes campaign is now underway for Newcastle Brown Ale

qr codes beer tap

The mobile marketing effort is based on making a mockery of common consumer stereotypes. Newcastle Brown Ale is starting a new campaign using mobile video and QR codes to help attract the eye of consumers as they mock common stereotypes that many people currently hold about beer that is crafted by hand. The playful mobile marketing campaign is used to be both amusing and informative. For instance, one of the common beliefs is that this type of beer is hard to find and that it is available only at a…

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Mobile marketing survey reveals some strategy keys

Mobile marketing strategy

The results of the research that was performed by Siteworx provided considerable insight. Mobile marketing is still relatively new and those in the industry are still tinkering around with its techniques to try to determine what is successful, and which efforts are best left out of a campaign. New research has just been completed that has identified some of the right efforts to take over this channel. The Siteworx survey has also pointed out a number of mobile marketing techniques that should be left to advertising over other channels, instead…

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Mobile marketing becomes Tumblr’s new playground

Tumblr mobile marketing

The company will be joining the smartphone advertising world in 2013 as it looks for new streams of revenue. Tumblr has revealed that it will be taking its first steps into the world of mobile marketing this year, as it makes a number of considerable efforts to add new earnings within this growing environment. The massively popular blogging network has been growing rapidly and is noting the importance of smartphones and tablets. The social landscape over smartphones and tablets has been rapidly expanding and Tumblr has determined that mobile marketing…

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Mobile marketing guide issues strict cautions regarding the use of text

Mobile Marketing

The recommendation is that retailers stick to certain important rules when using SMS. Although mobile marketing through text messages is still considered to be effective, according to a new guide, retailers should move forward with caution or it could sabotage the entire technique. Consumers pay close attention to what they receive over their smartphones and tablets, so relevance is key. This is the case with mobile marketing far more than in other channels. For instance, television commercials are often ignored or skipped, and banner ads are barely even noticed by…

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Mobile marketing pros learning from Chok! Chok! Chok! ad

mobile marketing coca cola chok chok chok

The Coca Cola ad in Hong Kong which aired on television in late 2011, created a massive phenomenon. Mobile marketing is now reaching the point that it has been around long enough that experts are starting to observe trends and are beginning to identify some of the commonalities among the successful campaigns. The truly explosive strategies such as Coca Cola’s Chok! Chok! Chok! in Hong Kong do have things in common. In the case of that ad, the soft drink giant aired an ad at 10 pm every night that…

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Mobile marketing relatively misunderstood among many companies

QR Code Mobile Marketing

Study targets the world of mobile marketing Aquent, a leading staffing organization dedicated to marketing, has released a new study that focuses on mobile marketing. The study was commissioned by Forrester Research and provides some insight on how companies all over the world view mobile marketing and the prospective benefits it offers. Many businesses have taken note of the rising number of smart phone and tablet users around the world. As these consumers become more prolific, companies are feeling the need to engage these people through their mobile devices, thus…

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Mobile marketing techniques are starting to be identified for more steady success

Small Business Mobile ad success marketing

Companies and brands are starting to learn the ropes regarding what works and how. Though very few have suggested that mcommerce is already an important channel and that mobile marketing is becoming vital to the success of any business, it isn’t until quite recently that the right strategies have started to become identified to allow efforts in this environment to be successful with some consistency. Almost ten percent of money spent online is now coming from a smartphone or tablet device. Considering the size of that contribution, companies who are…

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