Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit: Part III Report

Lucas Allen Buick, Creator of Hipstamatic App and CEO of Synthetic Corp

Andrew Paradise, CEO and founder of Aislebuyer, a startup focused on providing mobile checkout solution for retailers, recently spoke at the Mobile Marketing Strategy Summit in San Francisco. The event showcased some of the emerging trends in mobile marketing as well as what the future may hold for the relatively new industry. Paradise was joined by others that have made a name for themselves through either the Internet or mobile marketing techniques. Paradise points out that mobile platforms are unique and present businesses with an opportunity to stay in constant…

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Mobile Marketing Strategies Summit: Part II Report

Mobile marketing is the future, according to the speakers at the first Mobile Marketing Strategy Summit in San Francisco, California. The mobile marketing industry is taking off and its ascending flight has caught the eye of some of the most influential web-based companies in the world. The term “mobile” encompasses any electrical device that isn’t burdened with a wire. Naturally, such devices appeal to marketers as they tend to be inseparable from their owners. Given the popularity of the iPhone and Android smart phones, it’s no wonder people are beginning…

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