Mobile marketing is most effective over iPhone

Mobile Marketing News

Experian has released the results of its latest research showing Apple device owners are most engaged. Finding an audience that will be engaged by the ads that are produced by a campaign is one of the most important goals of mobile marketing, and the results of a recent study have shown that there is one device that leads them all in this regard. The study revealed that iPhone users are the audience with the greatest level of engagement. This is news that will likely be very welcome to mobile marketing…

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Mobile marketing will have created 1.4 million jobs by 2015

Mobile Marketing jobs and employment

The results of a new study are showing that this will be an area of considerable employment growth. The results of a new mobile marketing study have shown that spending in this area now accounts for $139 billion and that by the year 2015, this will rise to reach an estimated $400 billion. The result will be considerable in employment, as well, as it will require the work of 1.4 million people. As consumers continue to use their smartphones and tablets on an increasing basis in order to complete their…

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Mobile marketing brought $139 million into the American economy last year

mobile marketing smartphone sale

The MMA has released its latest data regarding the contribution of smartphone and tablet ads in the U.S. The most recent statistics from the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), has shown that the solid and quickly growing smartphone advertising ecosystem brought a massive incremental output of $139 billion into the American economy last year. This is a considerable increase over the sales that were reported by the MMA only two years before. The MMA reported that the results from 2012 were a “significant surge” over 2010, when the net sales had…

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Mobile marketing levels are breaking records in the UK

mobile marketing

Research conducted by the IAB has shown that advertising over smartphones and tablets is rising fast. The latest data released by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has revealed that mobile marketing is exploding in the United Kingdom, and that it has now reached levels that have never before been achieved. Last year, the United Kingdom saw a tripling in the amount of money spent to advertise to smartphone users. That number had already gone well beyond the previous record levels in this rapidly accelerating advertising channel. Now, mobile marketing has…

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Mobile marketing study shows college students are unimpressed

Mobile marketing dislike frustration

Research has shown that these consumers are “irked” with the ads that they have been receiving. Ball State University has released a report that has shown that consumers attending college are making the switch from regular cell phones to smartphones at a very rapid rate, making them prime mobile marketing targets. However, this doesn’t mean that the ads that they have been receiving are doing the trick. Throughout the last three years, the change to smartphones has truly picked up speed. That said, these same students are expressing increasing antipathy…

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Mobile marketing to undergo considerable growth

Indonesia Mobile marketing

Indonesian marketplace is primed for an explosion in this sector over the next few years. According to a mobile marketing study conducted by global market strategy consultants Roland Berger, the sector in Indonesia is right on the edge of an explosion which will more than double its size by 2016, making it a critical channel for connecting with consumers. The research suggested that the country has one of the fastest rates of I.T. growth in the developing world. The report that was released on the study showed that Indonesia currently…

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Mobile commerce explosion driven by consumers in Singapore

Singapore mobile commerce shopping concerns

Retailers within that country are finding that it is the fastest growing market for smartphone shopping. Though mobile commerce is beginning to take off just about everywhere around the world, it is the shoppers in Singapore that appear to be driving the boom and sending it forward at breakneck speeds. Retailers are reporting tremendous successes specifically from that country’s consumers. Singapore shoppers appear to have heavily embraced mobile commerce and are using it to make purchases of everything from electronics to fashion and groceries. Asian women’s clothing retailer, Qoo10, is…

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Mobile commerce is clearly on its way up

Mobile Commerce News

A recent Digital Marketer post provided an analysis of the latest stats. Marketing industry online leader, Digital Marketer, has just published a post from Josh Loposer, its managing editor, which looked more deeply into the latest knowledge regarding the upward trend of mobile commerce. The heart of the publication was that businesses that optimize for smartphones are given an advantage. Loposer explained this claim by showing that as such a large number of browsers are operating from smartphones nowadays, businesses that make sure that their websites are mobile commerce friendly…

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QR codes generate strong response rates from magazine ads

QR codes in Mobile commerce Magazine Ads

Research shows that the outcomes of those campaigns are better than direct mail. The results of a recent study have shown that QR codes that are included in the ads in print magazines are producing notably better response rates than those seen from more traditional forms of direct mail marketing. This success is generating support for the mobile marketing technique, where some doubt had remained. Throughout the second quarter of 2012, there were more than 2,200 mobile barcodes used in the top American print magazines. This was an increase of…

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Mcommerce adoption is faster in the East than the West

Global mobile technology trends network

This, according to a global survey performed by Rakuten. Rakuten has released the results of its worldwide research, which has indicated that consumers in the countries located in the far east have a far greater likelihood than western countries to take part in mcommerce. The survey identified trends primarily throughout Asia, Europe, and North America. It discovered that 13 percent of consumers in Thailand and 15 percent of those from Indonesia will not hesitate to use their smartphones or tablets to make the purchase of a product or service. Comparatively,…

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QR codes increase by 107 percent in magazines with skyrocketing mcommerce

QR codes learning

Barcodes are now present on 10 percent of all print ads of this nature. Print is currently a struggling medium in terms of advertising, but with a simple technique such as QR codes to bridge the gap between it and the digital environment, it is beginning to see vast improvements. As newsstand sales plummet, so have ad pages, causing magazines and advertisers to struggle. This has made it especially important to leverage QR codes and other similar mcommerce technologies, through aggressive strategies that bring paper and digital together. According to…

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