Malicious advertisements are a plight to mobile marketing

Mobile marketing cyber Security

Malicious ads are becoming more common Advertisements are becoming the most significant threat to mobile security. Mobile marketing has become quite important for businesses around the world due to the fact that many people are becoming reliant on their mobile devices. Society, as a whole, is beginning to use smartphones and tablets for shopping, research, communication, and various other important daily activities. As people become more mobile-centric, malicious groups are targeting the mobile field more aggressively in order to gain access to their information. Advertisements have become a useful tool…

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A mobile marketing responsibility in security grows among industry professionals

SMS Mobile Marketing

There has been a lot of news about mobile technology lately. The big push for a mobile payments system and NFC technology has been an issue for months now. But, while we look at all the great things that mobile technology can do for us, we must also look at the increasing rise in mobile spam, viruses and other fraudulent activity. One of the main concerns among all mobile users has been security. Several companies have been addressing this issue with research into developing an adequate security system for mobile…

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