Mobile marketing revenue at Google to hit $20 billion in 3 years

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A Marin Software report has shown that these earnings are expected to skyrocket by 2016. Noone can deny that mobile marketing and search have already become highly important businesses for Google, but a recent projection included in a Marin Software report is showing that revenues in this area will be skyrocketing over the next few years. This new report with the lofty estimates were released this week and used Cowen and Company data. The mobile marketing report suggests that by the year 2016, the mobile marketing search revenue at Google…

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Mobile marketing revenue will reach a global $11.4 billion in 2013

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Gartner research still believes that some changes will need to be made by retailers to achieve greater success. According to recently released Gartner data, the ad revenue for mobile marketing worldwide will reach the $11.4 billion mark this year, and that this will represent a growth of 18.8 percent over the $9.6 billion that was reached last year. The worldwide revenue in this sector will also continue its growth for the next few years. In fact, Gartner has also predicted that by 2016, the global mobile marketing revenue will have…

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