QR codes show up in small town in Michigan where few people know what the codes are

St. Joseph, Michigan Downtown

When a small business adopts QR codes for their marketing efforts they tend to attract a lot of attention, especially if that business is in a small town. Such is the case in St. Joseph, Michigan, where Richard Daly, owner of a local theater, has plastered a large QR code on a billboard. While QR codes have proven successful in a variety of marketing campaigns, Daly’s code has been met with a vast amount of uncertainty. The problem lies in the fact that most residents of St. Joseph have never…

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Survey shows over three quarters of retailers pursuing mobile commerce

Retail Mobile Commerce Experience Statistics

New data has been released by E-tailing Group Inc., following a survey of large retailers, which showed that 78 percent intend to invest in mobile commerce before the end of 2011. That said, the majority of these retailers are making their investments with caution. In fact, according to the Second Annual Mobile Mystery Shopping Report by E-tailing Group, 39 percent explained that they will be putting under $25,000 into this year’s m-commerce strategy. The survey included 200 medium- to large-sized retail merchant participants. Fortunately, according to experts, it isn’t typically…

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Santa Monica Museum activates QR code campaign along with many other museums

Santa Monica Museum of Art in California

Print 2D, an integrated media solutions company, has developed a new QR campaign for the Santa Monica Museum of Art in California. The museum is gearing up for their annual  fundraising event, called Incognito, and hopes to make use of mobile technology to offer a unique experience. QR codes have been experience quite a lot of attention in the art world, particularly from museums looking to put a cutting edge on their exhibits. The codes have been used to recreate Picasso’s masterpieces as well as promote upcoming artists. More museums…

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Mobile commerce is the missing link for the multitasker in us all!

M-Commerce Works for the Busy Everyday Life

Mobile phones have become more than just a phone; for most people, they are a lifeline. Our mobile devices are our personal assistants; they help us to stay in touch, keep appointments, and get real-time news on events going on in the world. Mobile devices can, and will, also play huge roles in business commerce. We are a society on the move, and we have integrated almost every bit of our lives into our mobile devices. We keep in touch with our family and friends, do our work, and surf…

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Mobile marketing on a budget

Maintaining your business presence to consumers can be a daunting task in a slow economy. Most small and medium sized businesses are cutting back on any unnecessary spending, just to stay open. Priorities are re-set; some things are put off, and other tasks, like advertising, are getting a minimal budget. There is good news; QR Codes have made it possible for you to keep your public presence, without going broke. Advertising expenses can add up quick for a small business; and chances are, you will only reach a small percent…

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